Hi, this is my space on the internet!
Next to this text box you can find some of the projects I am or was working on. I mostly focus on web development and embedded/iot. If you want to see more, click on the link to my github page.

{ "name": "dialphone", "repository": "https://git.mt32.net/mtorials/dial-phone", "description": "A matrix client-server sdk written in Kotlin." }

{ "name": "mt32.net", "repository": "https://git.mt32.net/mtorials/hugo-mt32", "description": "Blog about programming related topics with multiple authors." }

{ "name": "TIDILE", "repository": "https://git.mt32.net/mt32/tidile", "decription": "A special clock based on an esp32 micro controller. It uses LEDs to display the time." }

{ "name": "mtorials.de", "repository": "https://github.com/mtorials/nuxt-mtorials", "decription": "This Website! It is build with nuxt/vuejs and is open source." }

{ "name": "Progen", "repository": "https://github.com/Progen-Dev/Progen", "decription": "A general purpose discord bot build with the JDA framework in Java." }

{ "name": "Oven Temperature Controller", "repository": "https://github.com/mtorials/temp-control", "decription": "A control unit with touch display for an old ceramic oven running on an Arduino Mega 2650." }

From time to time I also like to create some digital artwork. You can see a selection here. The main background of this page is also rendering by me made with blender.

The first rendering is a recreation of an audio interface and an attempt of realism.